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Package Description

About UX_Roulette: 

  • Fully customizable (configure the layout and much more)
  • Included Algorithm (adjust the winning rate (optional))
  • Animated UI 
  • Custom Roulette Dealer Peds
  • Dependency ESX or QBCore
  • Includes our notification system (you can integrate your own notification event)

Preview for this resource: YouTube-Link

We have not finished the script yet, purchasing UX_Roulette will give you access to every update we publish!
There are already many plans to integrate UX_Roulette for Standalone or vRP and we are working on it already.

The script is not 100% free of bugs, but nearly. You can report bugs to us at any time and we will fix them!
If you want the script, but it is not compatible with your server, feel free to contact us!